I'm off...almost...

Hello, all!

It is 1:04AM, and I think I'm finally done packing (maybe). There was an emergency run to the grocery store about 9:30PM, BECAUSE I FORGOT TO BUY SUNSCREEN AND INSECT REPELLENT. (I swear I'm not completely helpless.)

I will be leaving for the airport at 2:30AM. So, I'm hoping for stress-free travel with lots of sleeping. I will be flying Seattle to New York to Paris to Lungi, Sierra Leone--arriving in Lungi at 7:10PM (local time) on Friday. So, it's gonna be a bit of traveling.

Currently, I'm not quite sure how I feel. Mainly like I am forgetting eight important things. A little bit of trepidation (I love flying, but I have had so many random "running through O'Hare while they're calling your name and shutting the door" or "carry-on bag getting checked and then disappearing and then showing up weeks later with most its contents stolen" that it causes a small amount of concern). I'm also quite excited. I have not been back to Sierra Leone in nearly four years. It has been too long. I am also excited to learn and grow and experience new things!

Thank you all for supporting me! I appreciate it so much. Currently, I need a little more than $1,200 (discrepancy on GoFundMe is because of the flight costing more than intended) to finish off my entire funding! I need that by March 5th, so a bit of time left. And, I'm not even worried. I have been overwhelmed by the support. I literally never expected so much. I kept thinking, "Well, that's everyone who possibly would ever consider helping me out"--AND THEN SOMEONE ELSE JUMPED IN. Talk about being encouraged personally--and about humanity!

Anyway. Still so much to do. Hopefully, there will be an update soon! Thank you!