Welcome to my world.


Hopefully, the post title is not too ominous sounding, as I really do want to welcome you.

The catalyst for creating this site is my rapidly approaching internship in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I wanted a way to keep everyone, from all the disparate reaches of the internet, up-to-date on what I am doing. A personal website seemed like a great singular source for all my various identities (ooh mysterious!).

For instance, if you are reading this right now and primarily know me as Millie--congratulations! That means that you met me in the film blogging community at some point over the last decade. You will find nothing too different here, except perhaps a little less discussion about whether Gidget Goes Hawaiian is a unimpeachable classic film or not (it is), and I'll still be writing absurdly passionate posts on film in those venues.

Here, I will be posting updates and information about my internship and beyond.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging me as I go!